Sugarplum Photography grew from a passion of wanting to remember the fleeting moments I experienced daily. I have been a nanny most of my life, and I am constantly amazed with the personalities and capabilities of children. I studied Fine Art Photography at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and was able to develop a career that allows me the opportunity to stop time for a moment and relish that subtle smile or that glance that was full of love. 

I am highly interested in relationships, especially between parent and child or siblings. This is visible in my work, and therefore what I produce tends to not necessarily be a traditional portrait. My photographs lean toward candid imagery, aiming to capture the natural body language or emotion evident. I strive to get down and play with your toddler or chat it up with your teen in order to draw out the personality that shines within us all. 

As a photographer, I want to help you remember the sweet smile that grows from seeing mom or dad, the laughs that burst out when a funny secret is whispered, or the grass stains that develop from rolling around or tackling one another. The possibility that one can evoke a certain smell, sound, or feeling from an image is priceless and that is what I hope to share with you through my work.