All about Trains

The one thing about Portland is you never really can be too sure what the weather will bring. The one thing about Portlanders is they don't really care! It was so fun to head out into the arboretum, the sun peaking out from the clouds and capture some great moments with such a sweet family. Then before we knew what hit us, the rain was coming down and we found a great big tree to shelter under. Three year old boys can find so much to do in that environment! 

After that, we headed over to the Forestry Center to check out the train that lives outside. W found his spot driving and was very curious about the logs and wheels. I love the curiosity that children hold, and hope it continues in this sweet boy.

cozy sweaters and rosy cheeks

It's already November. The leaves have gone through their magical shift to such beautiful yellows, reds and oranges and the sweaters and scarves have been uncovered. I love this time of year, especially those crisp dry days we've been lucky enough to hang on to. 

Wouldn't it be the best to capture those snuggles. Those moments where everyone is together under a blanket, listening to the wind blow and the comforting voice of a story being read. The daily reminder of what incredible people we are and become. 

Seasonal Cards

It's been busy over here in the Sugarplum studio. Working away on proofing, marketing, scanning, and all sorts of other fun photography oriented projects. The i's are being dotted and the t's crossed to make sure there's time to offer you some really phenomenal holiday cards. That's right - who needs Tinyprints or Minted when you could have something unique and custom within the same price range. 

Dear Jane Papers and Sugarplum Photography have teamed up to offer wonderful fun designs that seamlessly print using images from your photo shoot. Make sure to follow the link on the home page for stationery/gifts to learn about all that's offered from seasonal cards to gift tags to gift ideas such as stationery with a great background photograph.



T really knows what's up!

What a hoot I had this past weekend photographing a very curious, active dude. He had so many things to show me including the 'job site' in his backyard and the length of his living room, measured out with own tape measure. Mom and Dad were laughing away and we really captured some special snuggles with an extra special friend - bla bla!



Rose Garden family

It's so great to have special places you can visit and make memories. I recently had the opportunity to help make those memories into some beautiful photographs. The rose garden is such a great place with almost perfect hiding places and excellent freeze tag courts. Don't forget to stop at the wishing fountain. 



Baby makes FIVE!

 5 years ago I had the privilege of photographing a new friend with her first pregnancy. She was so excited to start her family and I couldn't wait to watch her turn into a great mother. Baby boy R came along and then a few years later, a second son. The photo shoot for baby D was such fun as momma was in steller shape - truly able to emphasize her beautiful pregnant body. Another 3 years have passed and this family will finally welcome a little girl! The boys are over the moon and I know they will be the best big brothers she could ask for. With the excitement of a new house along with a new sister, there's so much in store. I feel so grateful to be a part of their lives and to have been given the opportunity to photograph all three pregnancies. 


I'm very much looking forward to helping welcome this baby into the world. Check back for photos of her once she graces us! 





It was a busy weekend in the Sugarplum Studio. I had such a fun time up at the Rose Gardens with the sweetest, most charming family. We hid in the bushes, pretended to row boats away from sharks, played a rousing game of red light/green light and then found a great wishing fountain. I never once thought it was work, we were having too much fun. The images definitely reflect that. 

After that it was off to do a few head shots for a very distinguished, respected man in his industry. He was honored with a very prestigious award in Architecture and Green Design and needed a new photograph to use. Such a pleasure. 



Apple Valley Orchard

Holy Moly! How much fun is it to get to adventure with good friends and photograph them in an incredible setting with the best weather. Although we couldn't snag the whole fam this time, we had a blast going apple picking and chasing chickens around. Here's a little sample of a super sweet boy full of life. 


Ready, Set, Let's go!

New website, new studio organized, new camera equipment... This business is really ready to move forward. Now this is where you come in. This week and next all photo sessions are half off. Call now to schedule and we'll get your family silliness, smiles, and love documented. 

In the meantime, I've got some photos of a super sweet little girl to proof and also some great shots of a third pregnancy. All smiles over here in the Sugarplum Studio. 


one step closer

With so many web platforms available it was quite the challenge deciding what to go with. Maintaining my aesthetic while finding a theme that was unique and would standout was important, however the ease and accessibility really made me realize Squarespace was the best building tool for me. I hope you enjoy the new site and make sure to keep checking in for wonderful updates and offers. 



love...sweet love

I had the opportunity to photograph two very sweet people this morning. Usually I photograph families with their children, siblings, or those wrinkly newborn lumps, before and after the belly life. As I expand my clientele, I'm learning that the ability to capture two adults and what they share between one another is so special. The playful tease a man gives a woman, only with his eyes, is beautiful. That smile that a partner brings out in one another is priceless. Dianna and Evan are gearing up for what will, I'm sure, be one incredible southern wedding next Spring and I'm so glad they asked me to help start their journey with engagement photos. Congratulations you two and all the best!


Day 1: 8.27.2014

I am so excited to finally have some space in my life to focus on Sugarplum Photography as a business and really develop it into what I know will be a life long adventure. I invite you to join me in this journey and hold me accountable - as an individual, as a small business owner, and as a woman out to create work that speaks volumes without any spoken word. 

The photography industry is and has been experiencing such a shift in the last 10 years; with the introduction of the digital medium. My formal education was ripe in the transition from traditional silver gelatin printing to digital printing. Although most working in this field today shoot in a digital format, what I fell in love with and the way I experience photographing people will always stay true to film. The time I spend composing the image or thinking through the tones of blacks, whites, and grays, forces me to be much more considerate with my shots. I don't completely discount the digital medium as there is always a time and place for everything - but as a piece of art, I want to make each shot memorable. 

My goal is to post here weekly with images I'm currently working on as well as events that have made me realize what an incredible and momentous life we share in. I hope you enjoy and more importantly I hope I have the opportunity to meet you all some day!