Day 1: 8.27.2014

I am so excited to finally have some space in my life to focus on Sugarplum Photography as a business and really develop it into what I know will be a life long adventure. I invite you to join me in this journey and hold me accountable - as an individual, as a small business owner, and as a woman out to create work that speaks volumes without any spoken word. 

The photography industry is and has been experiencing such a shift in the last 10 years; with the introduction of the digital medium. My formal education was ripe in the transition from traditional silver gelatin printing to digital printing. Although most working in this field today shoot in a digital format, what I fell in love with and the way I experience photographing people will always stay true to film. The time I spend composing the image or thinking through the tones of blacks, whites, and grays, forces me to be much more considerate with my shots. I don't completely discount the digital medium as there is always a time and place for everything - but as a piece of art, I want to make each shot memorable. 

My goal is to post here weekly with images I'm currently working on as well as events that have made me realize what an incredible and momentous life we share in. I hope you enjoy and more importantly I hope I have the opportunity to meet you all some day!